Our grant programmes

The Society has two grant award programmes through which it promotes and supports its objectives of conservation, research and dissemination.

William and Jane Morris Church Conservation Grants

We make awards of £500-£5,000 to churches, chapels and other places of worship in the United Kingdom for the conservation of decorative features and monuments.

More information on William and Jane Morris Church Conservation Grants.

Research and Travel Grants

Our programme of research and travel awards funds research into the material past.

  • Research Awards: grants of £500 to £5,000 for research into the human past through its material culture or material remains.
  • Janet Arnold Awards: annual grants of £350 to £5,000 and 2- to 3-year major awards of £10,000 per annum for research on the history of dress and the materials of which it is made.
  • Beatrice de Cardi Awards: grants of up to £15,000 for archaeological research on the United Arab Emirates, the Sultanate of Oman, Saudi Arabia, and the Pakistan province of Balochistan.
  • Margaret and Tom Jones Awards: grants of up to £10,500 for the archaeology of extensive sites or landscapes in the UK
  • Tessa and Mortimer Wheeler Travel Awards: travel grants of up to £500 for undergraduate and first-year postgraduate students studying archaeology at a university in the UK to gain fieldwork experience abroad.
  • William Lambarde Travel Awards: travel grants of up to £500 to support antiquarian or archaeological research.

More information on Research and Travel Grants.

Research on the Society’s Collections

We do not give grants for the study of our own collections except where they are essential resources for a project addressing broader research questions. If you wish to use the Society’s collections and library holdings in your research, please contact the Head of Library and Collections for further advice ([email protected]).


If you are studying archaeology at a UK university, please consider applying for a Tessa and Mortimer Wheeler Memorial Travel Award which can help you gain fieldwork experience beyond that required for your degree. We do not fund work that will be submitted as part of an undergraduate or postgraduate degree.