Recent Awards


Research Grants

Dr Kamal Badreshany (Universityn of Durham)

An Early Urban Industrial Quarter, Tell Koubba

Excavation of early Bronze Age settlement remains adjacent to the Tell at Tell Koubba, Lebanon.


Dr Mark Bland (Independent)

The World of Simon Waterson, Stationer

To establish a material basis for calculating the investment of publishers, and of printing-house output, based on a volumetric analysis of composition, and to link it to data about family, geography, trade relationships, legal disputes, wills, and other contemporary records.


Prof Vicki Cummings (University of Central Lancashire)

Excavations at Tresness Chambered Tomb, Sanday, Orkney

Excavation and contextualisation of the Neolithic chambered tomb.


Dr Robert Davis (British Museum)

Burning Question: Fire-Use at 400,000 Years Ago

To establish the history of fire-use at three neighbouring Lower Palaeolithic sites in central East Anglia that date to c 400ka.


Dr Corisande Fenwick (University College London)

The Origins of Islam at Volubilis, Morocco

To determine when and why new architectural forms, crops and production techniques and Muslim dietary and burial practices appeared, and how these relate to the Arab conquest, state formation and conversion to Islam.


Dr Neil Finneran (University of Winchster)

Archaeology and Memory of Jewish East London

Recording and undertsanding the Jewish built heritage of London’s East End.


Prof Andrew Fitzpatrick (University of Leicester)

The Bersted Burial

Technical and interpretative illustration to support publication of the outstanding late Iron Age burial.


Dr Hajnalka Herold (Exeter University)

Landscape Transformations: Detailed Surveys

Follow-up survey and geophysics to characterise early medieval settlement sites identified during fieldwalking in the Erlauf valley, Austria, in 2018.


Dr Ine Jacobs (University of Oxford)

House of Kybele Archival and Documentation Project

Archive study, documentation, illustration and cataloguing of finds from 1961–86 excavations of the Byzantine urban quarter around the House of Kybele in Aphrodisias (Turkey): part of a wider project to bring the excavations to publication.


Prof Gary Lock (University of Oxford)

Nesscliffe Hill, Shropshire

Targeted excavation to inform understanding and public presentation of the double-enclosure hillfort.


Dr Rowan McLaughlin (Queen’s University Belfast)

The Chronology of Collapse in Nuragic Sardinia

Targeted excavation to recover samples for radiocarbon dating that will refine the chronology of the latest Nuragic in Sardinia.


Dr Katherine van Schaik (Harvard Medical School)

Super-Survivors: Aging, Epigenetics and Computed Tomography Analysis

Investigation of the links between external stresses on the individual and epigenetic change in past populations.


Dr Andrew Seaman (Canterbury Christ Church University)

Medieval Landscape in the Dinas Powys Environs

Pollen analysis to inform understandings of medieval environment and landscape in south Wales.


Dr Pamela Jane Smith (University of Cambridge) and Dr Kingsley Daraojimba (University of Nigeria, Nsukka)

New Excavations at Igbo-Ukwu

Analysis and further excavation to contextualise and address new research questions raised by Thurstan Shaw’s 1959–64 excavations at Igbo-Ukwu, Nigeria.



Margaret and Tom Jones Awards

Prof Martin Millett (University of Cambridge)

Aldborough Environs Survey

One-year feasibility study deploying an array of 4 fluxgate gradiometers towed by quadbike to map 200 ha around the Roman town of Aldborough, North Yorkshire.


Dr Clare Randall (South Somerset Archaeological Research Group)

Park Landscape Project

Investigation of Neolithic elongated enclosure as part of a wider characterisation of Neolithic, later prehistoric and Roman landscape in south Somerset.



Beatrice De Cardi Awards

Prof Paolo Biaggi (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice)

The Shell Middens of Las Bela Coast

Continuing survey of shell middens along the Arabian Sea coast of the Pakistan province of Balochistan.


Dr Michele Degli Espositi (Italian Archaeologica Mission, Umm al-Quwain)

The Abraq Research Project

Investigating the cultural sequence of the key site of Tell Abraq, Emirate of Umm al-Quawain, which shows evidence of continued occupation from the 3rd millennium BC to the first centuries AD, and contextualising it within the paleoenvironmental evolution of the area.


Roman Garba (Czech Academy of Sciences)

Archaeometric Investigation of Nafun Shell Midden

Investigation of the Nafun shell midden complex, Oman, focusing on geo-chemical/physical site prospection to identify elementary anomalies; reconstruction of the site chronology and investigation of marine reservoir age and effect; archaeozoological study of faunal remains; and provenance study of copper-alloy artefacts.


Dr Coleen Morgan (University of York)

Everyday Life in Ancient al-Tikhah, Oman

Excavation on settlement site of Umm Al Nar culture (third millennium BCE) identified during Rustaq-Batinah Survey Project.


Dr Seth Priestman (Dept Antiquities and Museums, Ras al-Khaimah)

The Archaeology of Early Islamisation in Oman

Funding for palaeoenvironmental study and AMS dating as part of excavations at the Sasanian fort at Fulayj, Oman, one of the key sites for archaeological analysis of Islamisation in eastern Arabia.


Dr Michael de Vreeze (Dept Antiquities and Museums, Ras al-Khaimah)

Prehistoric Settlement Dynamics at Shimal

Characterising the prehistoric settlement history of the Shimal area, Ras al-Kaimah, through targeted excavation of four key sites and the integration of the results with existing understandings of the mortuary record and landscape.



Janet Arnold Awards

Ms Tonia Brown (Independent)

Inventorying and Analyzing Medieval Printed Textiles

Compile an inventory of extant medieval printed textiles in major European repositories and characterise techniques in order to better understand the development of methods associated with printed textiles and more accurately attribute the origin of printed textiles when provenance is uncertain.


Dr Sarah Goldsmith (University of Leicester)

Tailoring the Body: Henry Poole & Co’s Measuring Books and Customers

Investigating the nineteenth-century records of Saville Row tailors Henry Poole & Co to understand their tailoring methods and the relationship between nineteenth-century tailoring, clothing and individual men’s bodies.


Dr Peter Hommel (University of Liverpool)

Gathering Giants

Exploring the (re)use of Pleistocene bones in elite armoured costume of the Siberian Bronze Age.


Dr Clare Hubbard-Hall (Bishop Grossteste University, Lincoln)

Dress & Deception During the Second World War

Investigating the design and production of disguise clothing for SOE and OSS covert agents operating in the European, Middle Eastern and Asian theatres of war.


Dr Malika Kraamer (DeMontfort University, Leicester)

African Textiles in Thomas Clarkson’s 1780s Chest

Establish a detailed provenance for the 32 textile and textile-related West African materials in the wooden chest of the English abolitionist Thomas Clarkson through technological characterisation to enhance understanding of 18th-century West African textile production and cultural exchanges in textiles.


Dr Angharad Thomas (Independent)

Holy Hands: Studies of Knitted Liturgical Gloves

Undertake a literature survey of sources about liturgical gloves in English and other

European languages; establish a database of existing liturgical gloves, noting their location, date and provenance, materials, construction and design features; develop a protocol for recording gloves; reconstruct a selected glove.


Dr Elisa Tosi-Brandi (University of Bologna)

Pattern of Fashion: Italian Renaissance Clothing

Record and analyse 25 surviving garments of the Italian renaissance with textile analysis, drawn patterns, construction techniques, and establish the cultural and historical context of the clothes.



Lambarde Travel Grants

Dr Charlotte Henderson (Independent)

Travel and subsistence in support of biomedical analysis of child skeletons from the Black Gate cemetery, Newcastle, to investigate past patterns of child care.


Dr James Lloyd (University of Reading)

Travel and subsistence to study Roman musical instruments and musical iconography in the collections of the Museum of London, the British Museum, the National Museum of Scotland and Verulamium Museum.


Dr Alexia Petsalis-Diomidis (University of St Andrews)

Research trip to Sicily to situate Thomas Burgon’s engagement with the Classical landscape, sites and antiquities.



Wheeler Travel Grants

Liam Devlin (University of Cambridge)

Travel to participation in the Islamic Baydha Project, Jordan


Colin Kaljee (University of Cambridge)

Travel to participate in the Belize Valley Archaeological Reconnaissance Project


Bryony Moss (University of York)

Travel to participate in the Transylvania Bioarchaeology Field School, Romania


Issabella Orlando (Kings College, London)

Travel to participate in the Balkan Heritage Underwater Archaeology Field School (Black Sea)


Azra Say-Otun (University of Cambridge)

Travel to participate in the Kissonerga-Skalia Excavation, Cyprus


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