Meet the team at Burlington House

The Council is the governing body and sets the strategy. The professional teams at both Burlington House and Kelmscott Manor are responsible for delivering the strategy.

The Team Values

The team values have been adapted to better reflect our own work while maintaining the essence of the original values set by Council.

Appreciation We appreciate our colleagues, our sense of place and belonging.  We believe in a welcoming and caring environment to learn, work and explore.
Relevance In an ever-changing society, our aim is to be more relevant and relatable to our internal and external audiences.
Diversity We are committed to embracing all aspects of diversity by removing barriers and ensuring we are accessible and equitable to all.
Rigour We are committed to excellence and are conscientious and resourceful in our approach.
Partnership We collaborate with our stakeholders to achieve our aim of sharing knowledge.
Engagement We commit to share and exchange knowledge and engage audiences in the activities of antiquaries.