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Can you support our Library & Collections?

£3,000 is needed to barcode 130,000 books and support Library Management. A barcode and scanner will help our Librarians accurately obtain the record of the book or serial for issuing, returning, placing a hold or accessing the record of a physical item. It will also enable us to stock-take our vast printed collection far more easily.

Your support will make an appreciable difference for future users of the Library, and we gratefully accept donations of any amount towards the cost of this project. You can donate online here.

Please help us to care for and share our unique collections for research, learning and inspiration.

A page from one of the Society’s Minute Books, 1783

We want to share our accredited museum collection with the public and give researchers of all kinds access to the riches of our Library. We will do this by:

  • Cataloguing of the archives which have never been catalogued and prints and drawings which are only partially catalogued
  • Conservation to ensure the preservation and survival of originals for the learning and enjoyment of future generations
  • Digitisation of the minute books and drawings

We need your support to help us continue with this important work. Contributions of any size are welcome and can be used to bolster the Society’s Library & Collections Fund.

Please visit this page to make a donation.

Gifts of any amount are welcome!

If you would like to help to support the Society in this way please contact Dominic Wallis, Head of Development, 0207 479 7092, [email protected]