How you can help

'The past is not dead; it is living in us and will be alive in the future, which we are now helping to build.' (William Morris, FSA).

As a registered charity (207237), the Society receives no statutory funding and relies on the generosity of its Fellows and other patrons to meet its charitable obligations.

Contributions help support the Society's conservation of its Library and Museum collections at Burlington House and Kelmscott Manor, research at both of the Society's locations and through its grant awards, and dissemination of research conducted at both locations, through the grant awards and by Fellows of the Society.

Kelmscott and Morris: Past, Present and Future

We urgently need your support to help us conserve and develop Kelmscott Manor, the former Cotswolds retreat of William Morris and his family and friends. Please read more about our £1.6 million project today.

Kelmscott Appeal

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Please support our work. Every gift makes a difference.


Three ways to show your support:

1. Make a donation

Your gift can fund conservation projects in the Library and Museum Collections, support scholarly research through our grant programmes, or help preserve Kelmscott Manor for future generations.

2. Increase your Fellowship subscription

If every Fellow increased their subscriptions by just £5, we'd raise nearly £15,000 — enough to fund another three-year research grant award!

3. Leave a bequest or legacy gift

You can help secure our future even after you’re gone. If you’re considering leaving us a bequest, please get in touch.

Thank you!