Template email to MPs

Template email to MPs:

Dear [name] MP ,

I am writing to you as my Member of Parliament to ask for your support for a campaign to secure a sustainable, long-term future for the Society of Antiquaries of London at Burlington House, and its priceless collections and library containing over 40,000 items and 130,000 books and manuscripts.

The Society of Antiquaries is an educational charity that promotes the understanding of the human past and recognises distinction in this field through election to its Fellowship.

Since the 1870s, it has been based at Burlington House under a bespoke Government arrangement which has delivered immense public value as a hub of cultural and scientific discovery. In 2019, independent analysis estimated that the Society of Antiquaries of London delivers £5.4 million of value to the nation per year through knowledge generation and dissemination, the libraries and heritage collections housed at Burlington House, the Society’s work with education, public engagement and its membership.

Due to a change in Government accounting rules, the Society is now being forced out. Already rent has increased by 3,100% since 2012.

I would be grateful to know if we could count on your support to secure the Society’s future. If so, the Society’s campaign team can be reached on [email protected]. who will be able to provide further information including how you can support.

As my local Member of Parliament, I would ask if you could express my concerns on this matter to the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government (as the landlord), and ask for their support in finding a solution.

Kind regards,