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Research Awards

Dr Zosia Archibald, (University of Liverpool)
The Domestic Economy of Ancient Olynthos
Reconstructing the cost and life history of one of the houses at ancient Olynthos (Greece), integrating information from historical source and excavation, will for the first time allow a robust estimate of the construction materials and the resources needed to create the whole of an ancient city.

Professor Graeme Barker (University of Cambridge)
Neanderthal death at Shanidar Cave, Iraqi Kurdistan
Excavation to allow close characterisation and dating of the sedimentary and archaeological context of the Shanidar 2 location, contributing significant new data to the ongoing global debates about Neanderthal notions of death and its aftermath.

Dr Chantal Conneller (Newcastle University)
Magdalenian pioneers of the Channel River Valley
Excavation at Les Varines (Jersey) to characterise settlement structure and lifeways of the Magdalenian communities of the Channel River Valley and compare with those from northern France and southern Britain.

Professor Robert Foley (University of Cambridge)
Late Acheulean and the MSA in Botswana
Survey and excavation of newly discovered localities in the Inner Kalahari, Botswana. Excavation will be concentrated on Seo Pan, a landscape with ESA and MSA remains, and survey will extend to wider geological contexts with ESA/early MSA lithic scatters. The aim is to determine whether Seo Pan preserves a landscape combining ESA and MSA components, and so an extensive spatial signal of the transition to the MSA which overlaps with the evolution of modern humans.

Dr Hajnalka Herold (University of Exeter)
Landscape Transformations in the Erlauf Valley, Austria
Systematic field survey to investigate post-Roman to medieval (5th-11th centuries) settlement and landscape transformations in the Erlauf Valley, Austria.

Dr Cynthia Johnston (University of London)
Book Collecting in the Industrial North West
To catalogue, publish and exhibit four unexplored collections of rare books assembled by those working in or associated with the cotton industry powered by the industrial revolution in the North West of England, now held by Blackburn Public Library (Dunn Collection), the Harris Museum (Sheperd and Spenser collections) and Towneley Hall Museum (Hardcastle Collection).

Dr Joanne Kirton (Bamburgh Research Project)
Forging Castle Space
Stabilisation, x-radiography, conservation assessment and interim reporting of 8th- to 11th-century metal finds from excavations at Bamburgh Castle.

Ms Caroline Wickham-Jones (Independent Researcher)
Grieve Collection: Analysis of a Lithic Scatter
Cataloguing and analysis of unstudied material (some 8000 pieces) from the Palaeolithic – Neolithic site at Nethermills, Banchory (Scotland). The analysis will be undertaken as part of a wider programme of field investigation.

Jones Fund

Professor Neil Christie (University of Leicester)
Tracing Primary Burhs at Wallingford/Crowmarsh and Oxford

GPR (ground-penetrating radar) survey to test for sub-surface remnants of possible 'primary' burhs at two major late Anglo-Saxon urban sites, whose core plans (10th century AD) are fairly well known, but whose possible first-stage (late 8th/9th century?) precursors remain unclear.

Professor John Hines (Cardiff University)
Cosmeston Archaeology Project: Excavation Completion
Single season of targeted excavation to clarify and contextualise the results of previous investigations of the DMV site in order to enable final analysis and full publication.

Dr Rachel Pope (University of Liverpool)
Publishing Merrick's Hill, Eddisbury: 1936-38 and 2010-11
Support for post-excavation analysis, including radiocarbon dating and Bayesian modelling, leading to comprehensive publication of historic and recent excavations.

Dr Stephen Upex (Nene Valley Archaeological Trust)
Durobrivae Geophysical Survey
Magnetometer survey of the total walled area of the Roman town of Durobrivae (Water Newton, Cambridgeshire).

Janet Arnold Awards

Sally Grant (Cardiff Metropolitan University)
'Bringing our bodies to the Truth': UK Glam Fashion
The cut and construction of 'Glam' tailoring 1965-1975, with particular reference to the work of Antony Price and Celia Birtwell.

Dr Alexandra Makin (Independent Researcher)
The re-creation of half of St Cuthbert's maniple
Experimental reconstruction of part of the 10th-century maniple of St Cuthbert, the only extant embroidered maniple from early medieval England.

Patricia Mears (The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York)
Influence of classical ballet on high fashion, 1930–1980
How ballet and leading ballerinas in the United States and Great Britain influenced fashions in Paris, Great Britain, and the United States.

Lambarde Travel Awards

Dr Brett Greatley-Hirsch (University of Leeds)
James Shirley's Hyde Park: a Critical Edition
Travel to Glasgow and Edinburgh to examine four copies of the 1637 playbook in order to complete a critical modern-spelling edition of Hyde Park, a comedy written and first performed in 1632, for The Complete Works of James Shirley, to be published by Oxford University Press in 2020.

Emeritus Professor Nigel Saul
Churches, chantries and chapels
Travel to Herefordshire for a project to investigate the patronage of ecclesiastical architecture in the county between c. 1290 and c. 1370.

Associate Professor Tyler Jo Smith (University of Virginia)
Sir John Soane’s ‘Antique’ Vases
Travel to the UK for research leading to publication of Sir John Soane’s collection of ancient vases as a group.

Wheeler Travel Award

Dylan Gaffney (University of Cambridge)
Travel to join the excavation on Karkar Island in Papua New Guinea, working with archaeologists from the University of Otago (New Zealand).

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