Make A Grant Application

We are pleased that you have decided to apply for a Church Conservation Grant, Research Grant or Travel Grant from the Society of Antiquaries of London. You will find below the step by step guide to making your application.

Information on eligibility and application requirements is available from the Grant Programmes homepage.

Step 1: Download and complete the application form

Follow the appropriate link to select and download the application form for the grant for which you wish to apply:

Please follow the instructions on the form and complete each area.

Step 2: Prepare your document(s) for submission

Once you have downloaded and completed your form please make sure you have renamed it so that the file name begins with the church/monument name (for Morris Church Conservation grants) or your surname (for all other grants) (example: surname_reseach_apllication.doc). Please do not leave blank spaces or enter special characters in the document name.

If you are making an application for a Morris, de Cardi or Jones award, please name any additional supporting documents in the same way. Make sure that you have complied with the page limits specified on the form and please note that all files must be less than 10 mb in size.

Step 3: Notify your referee(s)

References are required for all of our grants except Morris grants and two are required for Jones and De Cardi awards. You will want to alert your referee(s) of the application deadline in advance, giving them the information necessary for completing the reference form (available here).

We recommend that you encourage your referee(s) to compose supporting statements in advance, so that statements may by copied and pasted into the online reference form to avoid technical difficulties that can occur when online forms are left open too long (such as loss of unsaved content).

Step 4: Submit Your Application Online

Once you have completed your grant application form and notified your referee(s), return to this website and complete the short online form at the bottom of this page.

 Upload your application form (and supporting documents, if any), identify your referee(s)(where needed), tick the small box at the end to indicate your consent to us processing your personal data, and click on 'submit'. All submissions are final.

Step 5: Ensure your references are completed

Following your submission, your referee(s) will receive an automated email from our website (triggered by the submission of your application materials); the email will have a unique URL/link to an online reference form (with instructions) to be filled out and submitted in support of your application. Once submitted, your referee(s) will receive on on-screen 'Thank You' message confirming receipt of the reference.

You are responsible for ensuring that your referee has received the notification containing the link and has provided your reference(s) by the deadline. Applications with incomplete references will not be considered. In the event of problems, you or your referee may contact us using the details below.

Need More Help?

If you have any questions, please call 020 7479 7094 or email

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Here at the Society of Antiquaries of London we take your privacy seriously and if you make an application for a grant or award, we will only use your personal information to assess that application, to process any award that we make to you, and to ensure the effective management of our grant giving programme.