Christopher Cook, BA, MSc Independent researcher and librarian specialising in bibliography and the history of books and printing.

Daniel Elsworth, MA (Hons) Director of Greenlane Archaeology, Ulverston, and specialist in the archaeology of Cumbria.

Elizabeth Gemmill , BA, MA, PhD Associate Professor in History, University of Oxford, specialising in Medieval town history and numismatics.

Emma Laws, BA, MA, MSc Cathedral Librarian at Exeter, with research interests in the history of the book and the management of historic collections.

Alexandra Loske, MA, MA, DPhil Art historian specialising in the history of colour, and curator at Royal Pavilion and Museums Trust, Brighton.

Oren Margolis, BA, MA, DPhil Lecturer in Renaissance Studies with University of East Anglia, specialising in book history, art history, and epigraphy.

Matthew Oakey, BA, MPhil Archaeologist with Historic England, specialising in aerial archaeology.

Jerome Tait, BA Buildings Historian specialising in vernacular architecture and post-war defence structures.

Laura Selena Wisnom, MA, MPhil, DPhil Assyriologist and Lecturer in the Heritage of the Middle East at the University of Leicester.