The Society of Antiquaries of London utterly deplores the comments made by our Fellow David Starkey. His views are not reflective of our organisation’s values nor of what it strives to be.

The comments made by David Starkey clearly illustrate the need for the Society to modernise its procedures for dealing with behaviour that is contrary to the values of the organisation. The Society is in the middle of the process to reform our Statutes and set up an independent Ethics Committee to examine and deal with all issues where a Fellow’s behaviour is in contravention of our statement of values, is unethical or criminal. Following the current consultation period, the final motion for reform will be voted on by post and electronically by the Fellowship. Council is committed to change, and the comments it has received so far from Fellows are overwhelmingly in support.

You can read our full statement in support of Black Lives Matter here.

You can view our Statement of Values here.

Fellows can view the consultation pack for the Statute Reform on the Fellows’ Platform here. You must log-in to the Fellows’ Platform to access these documents.