Images & photocopying

About image reproduction

We hold images of material from across our Library and Museum Collections. We can provide digital images for both commercial and non-commercial use, subject to a licensing agreement.

We can also commission photography on behalf of customers if we do not already have a digital image of suitable quality of the object(s) on file. Enquirers will be expected to meet the photography charges, and the Society will retain copyright of the image and supply under license.

Hand Axe from Hoxne, Suffolk

Hand Axe from Hoxne, Suffolk

Requesting images

Please complete our Image Request Form [.docx] and email it to [email protected]

Request forms should be as detailed and complete as possible, otherwise we will not be able to process your request.

Self-service photography

We allow self-service photography as follows:

  • The use of compact cameras, smartphones and tablets to photograph some collection items is permitted (no flash).
  • Photographs may be used for personal research only and cannot be reused without express permission of the Society.
  • Copyright and data protection laws are still applicable.

Permission must first be sought from Library or Museum staff prior to any photographs being taken.

Images of Paintings

Commercial Image Requests: Images of a number of our paintings can be obtained from Bridgeman Images. Please contact Bridgeman Art Library directly for inquiries related to using images of our paintings for publication purposes.

Images for Reference: To browse images of our paintings online, visit the Art UK website.

Photocopying and Scanning

We offer a photocopying and scanning service for modern printed books and journals (please note any manuscripts, archives, prints & drawings or early-printed books will need to be photographed via the Image Service and the image reproduction charges [PDF] listed above will apply).

Photocopying and scanning are subject to the physical condition of the book or journal and to copyright law. Each item is assessed before copying or scanning and orders are accepted at the discretion of Library staff. Printed works over 100 years old may be photocopied or scanned at the discretion of Library staff. Please see the Copying Charges [PDF] for prices. To order a copy, please complete a Copying Request Form [.docx] and return to [email protected] (one form per item).

Fellows can also use the Library catalogue to make a Photocopy or Scan Request directly, without the need to download the form. You will need to be logged into the catalogue first, search for the book or journal, and select the Photocopy request option on the list of catalogue results. Please use the notes field to say whether you require a scan instead of a photocopy.