Support Kelmscott Manor

Fifty years ago the Society of Antiquaries saved Kelmscott Manor from dereliction and opened it to the thousands of visitors who come here from all over the world. 

"I beg you take care of our old buildings" (William Morris)

We want everyone who comes to Kelmscott Manor to experience the same wonder we feel—as Morris felt. It was here he was able to formulate his ideas about society, how we live and what we should value, protect and share.

We need your help to maintain this inspirational and delicately fragile environment. Become a Friend and engage with us and in the work we do, or you can become more involved still and become a Patron [link to become a Patron page].

The proper care of the buildings, the collections and the landscape is our primary responsibility as stewards of Kelmscott Manor and we hope you will share this important responsibility with us.

We need to raise up to £4 million to secure Kelmscott Manor’s long-term future. By giving a donation you can make a lasting contribution to William Morris’ much loved house.