Conservation & Reinstatement of the Green Room closet at Kelmscott Manor

Cost: In the region of £6,000

Green Room (1)

The closet is part of the original structure inside the Green Room. Probably the ‘Inner Parlour’ of the 1611 inventory. It may originally have been a separate, heated closet or study. It is shown here in 1896 before the partition was removed by Oxford University after 1939. The same hangings are shown in 2018 as in Frederick Evans’s photograph of 1896.

In 1892 Morris wrote to Jenny ‘I got in such a mess down in the Green Room and painted myself so much that I feel quite happy sitting up here in the tapestry [room] elegantly and like a gentleman.’ There are spots the green paint on the mantel shelf and on the shutters and door it appears that the original colour survives beneath the modern white paint.