Kelmscott Manor Campaign

"What we have to do is simple enough, by a little care and patience we may preserve these old buildings for another 500 or 600 years." (William Morris)

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Kelmscott and Morris: Past, Present and Future

2017 HLF CompactThe Heritage Lottery Fund has given initial support for a £4.7 million grant and awarded the first (development) stage of a £6m project to undertake the detailed design work.  The outcome of the Kelmscott and Morris: Past, Present and Future will enable people to explore the inspirational impact that the historic buildings, archaeology and natural environment of Kelmscott had on Morris, how this manifested itself in his work, and his enduring worldwide legacy. Our project objectives are as follows:

  • The Grade I Manor House, 7 Grade II listed buildings and structures will be repaired in the spirit pioneered by William Morris.
  • Schools and community groups will have access to workshops throughout the year.
  • The natural and historic environment of the 12.5 acre site will be better protected through the removal of vehicles from the site with the car park located at the periphery of the village.
  • The general public will have increased access to the property 4 days a week.
  • We will offer programmes for people studying art (artist in residence & display), archaeology (community digs) and the history of Kelmscott (temporary exhibition programme) as well as the natural history of the surrounding landscape (wildflower meadow walks).
  • Visitors will experience better interpretation of room displays, temporary exhibitions, a range of activities and freely available online resources.

We will be able to support exponential growth in visitor numbers and accommodate around 1,200 visitors per week.

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In support of the £4.7m granted by the Heritage Lottery Fund we have set a target of £1.5 million to raise before construction work begins in October 2018. By making a donation you can make a lasting contribution to protecting Williams Morris’s ‘heaven on earth’ to inspire future generations.

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