Kelmscott Manor Campaign

"What we have to do is simple enough, by a little care and patience we may preserve these old buildings for another 500 or 600 years." (William Morris)

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Kelmscott and Morris: Past, Present and Future

2017 HLF CompactThe £6 million project offers us all an exceptional opportunity to broaden the appeal of Kelmscott Manor by explaining the site’s significance and sharing widely the excitement that it engendered in William Morris.  History, art, architecture, archaeology and ancient landscapes are the academic disciplines at the heart of our Society. These were the inspiration for Morris at Kelmscott; the house and its surroundings were pivotal in his articulation and promotion of the principles that underlie modern conservation practice. Scheme design and development has already begun and should be completed within the next 12 months.  

Having secured a major grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund, we aim to raise the sum of £1.5 million to complete this £6 million project.

You can help in the following ways:

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Don8 Cot CoverRecurring Gifts: Anyone can become a Companion of Kelmscott Manor and help us secure its long-term future by setting up a monthly direct debit of just £10 per month. Download and return the completed recurring gift form

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Giving Levels

Kelmscott Manor Companion (£500). Gifts will be recorded in perpetuity in a special ‘Commemorative Companion’ book.

Kelmscott Manor Benefactor (£5,000). Gifts will be recorded on a special stone plaque as a ‘Kelmscott Manor Benefactor’.

Kelmscott Manor Principa; Benefactor (£15,000). Gifts will be recorded on a separate stone plaque as a ‘Kelmscott Manor Principal Benefactor.’

We will contact you to tell you more about the aims of the project and discuss the contribution your gift will make to the project. All Benefactors will be recorded in perpetuity, including anonymous donations.

If you would like to find out more about different ways to support our conservation adn development of this national treasure, please download our guide to giving leaflet.

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