Adopt a Manuscript!

You can now adopt a manuscript from the Society’s collection, ranging from medieval illuminated manuscripts to 18th and 19th century antiquarian collections.

Your ‘adoption fee’ will pay for essential repairs, conservation treatment and bespoke packaging as well as digitisation of the manuscript, which will make it available to researchers worldwide via our new catalogue. The name of the adopter will be recorded in the catalogue in perpetuity.

New manuscripts will be added to the selection on a regular basis. If there is a manuscript in our collection that you’d like to support, please get in touch with us.

You can donate online here.

Please help us to care for and share our unique collections for research, learning and inspiration.

We need your support to help us continue with this important work. Contributions of any size are welcome and can be used to bolster the Society’s Library & Collections Fund.

Please visit this page to make a donation and select ‘Library’ as the Gift Designation.

Gifts of any amount are welcome!

If you would like to help to support the Society in this way please contact Dominic Wallis, Head of Development, 0207 479 7092, [email protected]