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Notes for Contributors

The 'Notes for Contributors to the Antiquaries Journal' document provides guidance on the minimum standards that we ask contributors to observe in submitting text and illustrations for publication in the Antiquaries Journal. Further information on more detailed aspects of house style may be obtained from the Editor, Lavinia Porter ( The acting Reviews Editor is Dr Amanda Richardson FSA ( Authors with queries or concerns should contact the Editors before they prepare the material they intend to submit for publication in order to avoid the need to restyle material that does not meet these standards.

Brief Overview of the Notes

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The Antiquaries Journal is published annually in hard copy in September. The submission deadline is 31 December. Articles are published online in advance of the hard copy using the Cambridge University Press FirstView system, after being fully refereed and copyedited. Articles receive a digital object identifier (DOI) and are fully citable from the point of FirstView publication.

The content of the Journal reflects the broad interests of the Society in antiquities and history, and is international, multi-period and multi-disciplinary in scope. The Journal has a scholarly readership but contributions should be presented in such a way as to be accessible to those whose primary speciality might lie in another field. Articles should be written in plain and lucid language. Technical terms may be used where appropriate, but should be explained and should not be used in a manner that obscures the meaning for a wider readership.

Papers for the Journal can consist of short papers of at least 1,000 words, or longer papers up to a maximum of 10,000 words, including captions, notes and bibliography. Any paper submitted to the Journal that is appreciably longer than this will be returned to the author without being considered for publication, with a request that its length be reduced to comply with this condition.

Papers should begin with a short title, the names, postal addresses and e-mail addresses of all the authors, and an abstract. The abstract should be around 150 words in length. It will be translated into French and German and may be the only part of the paper that some readers are able to understand, so it needs to be more than just an introduction: it should consist of a brief statement of the main points being communicated in the paper and how they contribute to the study of the subject.

The paper itself should address matters of interpretation and synthesis, with reference to supporting data but records, transcriptions and large data sets are best published as appendices, which will appear in the online version but not in the printed version of the Journal. 

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