12 December Ballot Results

We have elected 10 new Fellows  

    • Angus Haldane, BA, MA. An Art historian and curator, he is a scholar-dealer and has published numerous books including a study of portraits by the Civil War artist Robert Walker.
    • Philippa Ryan, BA, MA, PhD. A Research Fellow in Economic Botany, her research focuses on long term agricultural change in semi-arid lands. 
    • Alicia Colson, BA, PhD. A freelance archaeologist, ethnohistorian and commercial and academic archaeologist, she works on digital humanities, and has written articles, conference papers and a book manuscript.
    • Margaret Bennett-Samuels, MA. A historical geographer, chartered landscape architect, and archaeologist who has contributed to the study of landscape archaeology in England and Wales.
    • Nathan Elkins, BA, MA, PhD. Assistant Professor of Art History at Baylor University, USA, he specialises in Roman numismatics, and has written extensively on this topic.
    • Rupert Toovey, BA, Dip.Th. A Fine Arts auctioneer, church archaeologist specialising in wall paintings, lecturer on ecclesiastical art, and Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Art scholars.
    • Christabel Hutchings, B.Ed., M.Ed., MA. An author and lecturer, Secretary of the Monmouthshire Antiquarian Association, she has published two books and numerous papers on the history of Monmouthshire.
    • Martin Pel, BA, MA. Curator of Fashion and Textiles at The Royal Pavilion and Museums, Brighton, with a special interest in men’s dress from 1500 to 1800, he has authored and curated numerous books and exhibitions on fashion history.
    • Elizabeth Holmqvist, BA, MA, PhD. A Fellow at the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies, she specialises in archaeological science, has written a monograph on ceramics and articles in various scholarly journals.                                  
    • Matt Thompson, BSc, MA, PhD. A Head Collections Curator at English Heritage with research interests in railway heritage, he is reviews Editor for Historic Environment Policy & Practice and works with Arts Council England.