Online Balloting Temporarily Suspended

The Society is currently undertaking a digital overhaul and we will soon have a new website and database system to manage Fellows’ details. Both are scheduled to ‘go live’ on Monday October 14th.

During this vital time our current website will NOT be accepting any new updates and we will be suspending our online balloting system from September 16th. It will resume once our new website launches.

The first ballot of the season is scheduled for October 17th so will not be affected by this. You can vote in person at the ballot on the day prior to our Ordinary Meeting and from October 14th when the website goes live.

Please bear with us during this important period but if you have any urgent enquiries please contact

Dr Linda Grant, Governance officer.

Key Points:

  • New website & membership platform will go live on October 14th
  • Online Balloting system will be suspended from September 16th. NO blue papers will be accepted during this time. You will also not be able to vote on any upcoming ballots.
  • Hardcopy blue papers will be accepted as normal

For any general enquiries on our new digital presence please contact our Communications Manager.

Danielle Wilson Higgins, Communications Manager.