07 March Ballot Results

We've elected 10 new Fellows:

  • Thomas Williams, BA, MA, PhD. Curator of Early Medieval Coins at the British Museum, expert on the archaeology and history of the Vikings in Britain.

  • Spencer Smith, BA, MSc. Project Officer for the Portable Antiquities Scheme in Gwynedd, with an interest in medieval parks and gardens.
  • George Carter, BA, MA. Garden historian and designer, a founder member of Norfolk Gardens Trust, who writes on garden design and garden history, specialising in formal gardens of the 17th and 18th centuries.
  • Daniel Slatcher, BA, MA. Director Historic Environment RPS Planning & Environment, specialist on the settings of heritage assets of all periods.
  • Susan Moore, MA. Archival researcher, specialist in Chancery Proceedings, and authority on the written record of pre-20th century property transactions in Britain.
  • John Adamson, MA. Publisher, translator, and independent scholar specializing in the history of material culture, with particular focus on silver studies.
  • Jane Stevenson, MA, PhD. Senior Research Fellow, Campion Hall, Oxford, scholar in the fields of Post-Classical and Renaissance Studies, and an authority and writer on 20th-century art.
  • Judith Hawley, D Phil. Professor of Eighteenth-Century English Literature, Royal Holloway, whose research covers interdisciplinary topics in the literature and the culture of the long 18th century.
  • Sophie Jackson, BA, MA. Director of Research and Engagement at MOLA who has designed, enabled and managed complex and ambitious programmes of fieldwork and research.
  • Oliver Harris, BA, MA, PhD. Associate Professor of Archaeology, Leicester, specialist in Neolithic studies, archaeological theory, and field practice who has been awarded the Royal Anthropological Institute‚Äôs Curl Lectureship.