21 February 2019 Ballot Results

We've elected 10 new Fellows:

  • Barry Gaulton. Professor of Archaeology and Director of the Ferryland Archaeology Project, specialising in the early history of Canada with award-winning public engagement.
  • Xavier Dectot, M.Litt, PhD. Specialist in medieval sculpture, who is Keeper of Art and Design, National Museum of Scotland, with extensive publications and teaching experience.
  • Ruth Shaffrey, BA, PhD. Archaeologist with extensive experience specialising in worked stone on which she has published widely.
  • Lisa Skogh, BA, MA, PhD. Independent scholar, Fellow in the V&A Research Department with an interest in the Kunstkammer, collecting and the early modern consort.
  • Hannah Russ, Bsc, MSc, PhD. Zooarchaeologist with an interest in fishbones and fishing, who is post-excavation manager of excavations at Catterick and Scotch Corner.   
  • Clive Bridger-Kraus, BA, MA, DPhil. Archaeologist working primarily in Germany, who has published 3 monographs, many co-edited volumes and articles, and numerous scholarly translations of archaeological texts. 
  • Courtney Nimura, BA, MA, PhD.  Pre-historian specialising in Celtic coins and Celtic art with three published monographs and many peer reviewed papers, she is also an expert advisor to the ERC.
  • Rachael Kiddey, BA, MA, PhD. British Academy Post-Doctoral Researcher specialising in the contemporary archaeology of the homeless and refugees.
  • Emma Dwyer, BA, MA, PhD. Archaeologist based at MOLA who specialises in the urban built environment of the 19th-21st centuries and is Hon. Sec. of the Society for Post-Medieval Archaeology
  • Hilary Orange, MA, PhD. Archaeologist with experience and publications in the fields of global industrial heritage, public engagement, memory, popular music heritage, and Cornish identity and nationalism.