11 October Ballot Results

We've elected 10 new Fellows:

  • Philip de Jersey, BA, DPhil. States Archaeologist for Guernsey, and Honorary Research Fellow of the Ashmolean Museum who specialises in Iron Age numismatics.

  • Simon Timberlake, BSc, PhD. Specialist in the archaeology of Bronze Age metal mining and extraction in Britain, who has published numerous academic papers and related major monographs.

  • Diane Abrams, MA. Archaeological adviser to Historic England, expert on archaeology and planning within London and the South-East.

  • Kieran McCarthy, BA. Director of Wartski who has published research into the work of Carl Faberge and has expertise in antique jewellery.

  • David Skinner, BA, M.Mus, D.Phil. Director of Music at Sidney Sussex College whose research centres upon musical institutions, manuscripts and composers of sixteenth-century Europe, especially music and the Reformation in England.

  • John Phillips, BTech. Researcher whose work on masons’ marks at Beverly Minster and other major churches has led to the re-evaluation of dating parts of those structures.

  • Natasha Powers, BSc, MSc, MCMI. Osteoarchaeologist specialising in funerary archaeology in assemblages from prehistoric to post-medieval, who co-authored Home Office guidance for forensic archaeology and is an Hon. Research Fellow at Bradford.

  • Katie Hemer, BA, Msc, PhD. Lecturer in Bioarchaeology at Sheffield specialising in the study of human skeletal remains with the application of biomolecular techniques.

  • Jennifer Wexler, BA, MA, PhD. Archaeologist with extensive international experience, currently Digital Research Project Producer for the African Rock Art Image Project at the British Museum.

  • Hannah Parham, BA, MA. Historian and specialist historic buildings consultant, currently working on the Palace of Westminster Conservation Plan, who serves on committees of the National Trust and the Victorian Society.