The National Planning Policy Framework

Public Consultation on A303 and Stonehenge

An excerpt from the Society's response on the redrafted National Planning Policy Framework:

"Q43 Do you have any comments on the text of the Glossary?

The definition of Historic Environment Record in the existing NPPF (“Information services that seek to provide access to comprehensive and dynamic resources relating to the historic environment of a defined geographical area for public benefit and use”) conflates the issue of resource and benefit.The proposed new definition (“Comprehensive, publicly accessible and dynamic resources that provide information about the local historic environment. Every local planning authority should maintain a HER or have access to one.”) limits the definition to the database; the second sentence is a clear statement of policy which should be in the main text, as it was in the existing NPPF, para 169. We consider that the access to a HER must continue to include its providing a curatorial ‘service’, whose contribution ensures that conflict with archaeology is rarely a reason for refusal, as the development sector itself recognises..."

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