The HLF Forward Strategy consultation

Public Consultation on A303 and Stonehenge

An excerpt from the answers submitted on behalf of the Society to the HLF Forward Strategy consultation:

"What are the most important needs or opportunities for HLF to fund, nationally and locally to you?

Helping as many people as possible recognise the relevance of the past for present and future generations; widening engagement in the study, debate and enjoyment of the past, and developing new approaches to this.

Should HLF give priority to heritage at risk, and if so, what does this mean?

Yes; identification of those remains, collections, traditions from the past which require investment to make them sustainable, and provision of enough financial support to build this sustainability, provided that they remain a resource for study and public engagement. Other criteria must come into play when HLF seeks to decide whether or not to invest is of public benefit (eg for projects which initiate or extend public access) ..."

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