Digitising Our Seals Card Catalogue with MicroPasts

The Society is excited to announce that we have launched a project to digitise the card index which accompanies the seal collection. Comprising more than 10,000 seal casts, matrices and impressions – many of which are important and unique records – the card index is the primary finding and research aid to this collection. With funding from the London Museum Development Digital Grants, the Society has purchased a high intensity scanner to produce high resolution images of the cards, which will be placed online through the heritage crowd-sourcing website Micropasts, where members of the public (including Fellows) can help to transcribe each card. The Society will then receive the transcribed data that can be fed back into future research enquiries and projects.

Thanks are offered to John Cherry, FSA, and Daniel Pett, FSA, for their help in setting up this project, and Dr Elizabeth New, FSA, for support.

Any additional offers of assistance in helping to check and curate the transcribed information would be most welcome, although some working knowledge of medieval seals is required. Please contact the Museum Collections Manager Lucy Ellis directly if you have any questions.


Visit the MicroPasts Project >