The consultation on the A303 around Stonehenge

Public Consultation on A303 and Stonehenge

An excerpt from the Society's response to the consultation on the A303 around Stonehenge:

"The viaduct crossing of the River Till Valley [N of Winterbourne Stoke]

We note that a northern by-pass for Winterbourne Stoke has been chosen and appreciate the positive benefits that it will bring to the settlement. The scheme will require a suitable crossing of the River Till, where the footprint of the proposed viaduct, representing a sizeable area, will almost certainly need to be stripped of topsoil before embanking material can be placed. This area needs to be fully surveyed and examined to ensure that there are no adverse impacts on important heritage assets. We support the inclusion of screens which will limit glare at night and the visibility of some traffic by day, despite the fact that the mass of the viaduct will be more evident visually ..."

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