15 Mar Ballot Results

We've elected 10 new Fellows:

  • Katie Meheux, BA, MA, PhD. Librarian (whose work at the UCL Institute of Archaeology Library Advising takes special interest in open access, digitisation, and research training, she is currently researching Vere Gordon Childe).
  • Ian Shaw, BA, MA, PhD. Lecturer and researcher in Egyptian Archaeology (has researched and published on ancient Egyptian landscape, ethnicity, technology, innovation, material culture and urbanisation).
  • Timothy Purbrick, BCom. Army Officer and Art Consultant (British Army officer responsible for delivering a Military Cultural Property Protection capability, ensuring cultural heritage issues inform the Army’s approach to operations).
  • Robin Densem, BA. Archaeologist (following his contribution to the creation of safeguards for archaeology in the 1970s and 80s has focused on the archaeology of London through his work at MoLAS and elsewhere).
  • Peter Berridge, BA. Museum and Archaeology Consultant (former director of Colchester Museum, specialist in Mesolithic and Neolithic archaeology of the West Country, Wales and Essex).
  • Mary E. Harlow, BA, PhD. Associate Professor of Ancient History (has published widely on the ancient life course, dress, textile production and dyestuffs).
  • Visa Aleksis Immonen, MA, PhD. Professor of Archaeology (has made significant contribution to study of medieval material culture in the Nordic countries, especially Finland, on which he has published and lectured extensively).
  • James Hodsdon, BA, PhD. Independent Scholar (with expertise in the history of Gloucestershire and its surrounding area, serves as General Editor of the Gloucestershire Record Series, Chairman of the Gloucestershire County History Trust and Chair of the VCH Advisory Board among other roles).
  • Jonathan Benjamin, BA, PhD. Senior Lecturer (an international expert in early prehistory, and coastal and underwater archaeology, who had published widely and led Project SAMPHIRE, an award-winning marine heritage project).
  • Graham Barker, BA, MA. Retired (Council Member of the Royal Numismatic Society, has published on the coinage of the Emperor Carausis and is a founder member of the Worshipful Company of Art Scholars).