The redrafted Historic England Conservation Principles

Public Consultation on A303 and Stonehenge

An excerpt from the Society of Antiquaries of London's comments on the redrafted Historic England Conservation Principles:

"The new draft of the Conservation Principles is a rather different document from the 2008 version.

The 6 principles themselves have survived pretty much unscathed, other than some minor alterations to the headings ostensibly to bring the language into line with the prevailing terminology in the NPPF. We wonder however why quite so much alteration in the 2008 wording has been necessary. In a document such as this, which is seeking to establish and reinforce concepts and statements which carry weight in the planning process, there is great merit in stability. Wording which is familiar, and which can be seen to have worked well to bring about conservation-driven outcomes in the last 10 years or so is an asset worth keeping. There are some additions which may need to be made, but why not keep the original wording unless it is severely out of date or limiting? ..."

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