8 Feb Ballot Results

We've elected 10 new Fellows:

  • Letizia Ceccarelli, BA, MSc, PhD. Archaeologist (distinguished in the fields of Mediterranean ceramics, GIS and archaic sanctuaries, on which she has published widely).
  • Ronika Power, BA, MSc, PhD. Lecturer in Bioarchaeology, Macquarie University (specialises in Egypt, North Africa and Malta, and has published in journals and conference proceedings).
  • Grahame Appleby, BA, MPhil. City Archaeologist, Leicester (has research interest in the Iron Age to Roman transition, has authored articles and co-authored monographs on Mucking and Colne Fen).
  • Simon Townley, BA, DPhil. Historian (expert in building studies, has edited 5 volumes of the VCH including Oxfordshire, and contributed to the Society’s Kelmscott Landscape Project and to ‘William Morris’s Kelmscott’ (2007)).
  • Alessandro Launaro, PhD. University Lecturer in Classical Archaeology, Cambridge (has substantially contributed to archaeology of Roman Italy through his PhD research and in a subsequent project at Lazio which combines the latest geophysical techniques with excavation and pottery evidence).
  • Ioannis Galanakis, BA, MPhil, DPhil. Senior Lecturer in Classical Archaeology, Cambridge (specialist in Aegean Prehistory, currently directing excavations at Prosilio; a Director of the Museum of Classical Archaeology, Cambridge and curator of exhibitions at the Ashmolean and Fitzwilliam Museums).
  • Matthew Sheldon, BA, MA. Executive Director of Heritage, The National Museum of the Royal Navy (is a leading figure in developing the country’s newest national museum collection).
  • Bijan Omrani, BA. Historian and author (has published several works on journeys to Afghanistan, the Silk Road and Roman Gaul, and is editor of the Journal of Asian Affairs).
  • Jane A. Lawson, BA, MDV, MLN. Senior Program Associate, Emory University School of Medicine (a specialist in Elizabethan court history, who edited the New Year’s gift exchange records, revised Kinney’s ‘Directory’ of Elizabeth’s court, and contributed to the ‘Blood Royal’ exhibition).
  • William Megarry, BA, MSc, PhD. Lecturer in Archaeology, Queen’s University, Belfast (an expert in geospatial technology, actively engaged in several projects worldwide and a member of the International Scientific Committee on Archaeological Heritage Management).