11 May Ballot Results

We've elected 15 new Fellows:   

  • William O’Brien, PhD. Professor of Archaeology, University College Cork (a leading scholar on Chalcolithic and Bronze Age Ireland, who has research interests in early mining and metallurgy; has published widely including on Bronze Age copper mining).
  • Heike Zech, MA, PhD. Senior Curator, Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Collection, V&A (has organised conferences and curated exhibitions of silver and gold boxes nationally and internationally; has published widely including on St Paul’s Cathedral’s mosaics).
  • Katherine Szabo, BA, PhD. Archaeologist, University of Wollongong, Australia (leading expert on the role and use of shell in archaeological contexts, on which she has published widely).
  • Ian Leins, BA, MA, PhD. Curator of Archaeology, English Heritage (has worked on coin distributions in late Iron Age Britain, published many articles on coinage and hoards and developed important online archaeological databases; co-curator of the recent exhibition ‘Celts: art and identity’).
  • Jenifer Neils, BA, MA, PhD. Professor of Art History and Classics, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio and Director, American School of Classical Studies, Athens (foremost authority on the art and archaeology of ancient Athens; has written on the Parthenon and Greek vases and also been active on field projects in Sicily and Italy).
  • Jonathan Richard Stephens, MA, PhD. Art historian (founder and editor of ‘The art world in Britain 1660 to 1735’, a huge free library of primary sources for the study of artists’ lives and paintings; author of a catalogue of 18th-century watercolour painter Francis Towne and co-curator of an exhibition of his work).
  • Hilary Valler, BA, MA. Archaeological consultant (has significant experience in all aspects of archaeological fieldwork and advice; has provided expert knowledge on major infrastructure projects and is involved in museum outreach work).
  • Tom Foxall, BA, MA, DipCons. Inspector of Historic Buildings and Areas, Historic England (has advised on major new works and repairs to many historic sites, including Canterbury Cathedral and Chatham Dockyard; has published on Nicholas Hawksmoor).
  • David Wright, MA, PhD. Medieval Latinist and palaeographer (an authority on the history of Kent; has published on early Kent parish registers and on the Elder Pliny and has lectured widely).
  • Adrian Leak, MA, BD. Clerk in holy orders (has worked in parishes and cathedrals, including as archivist at York Minster; has published on Church of England archives and on historical figures in the Church of England).
  • Deborah Dance, OBE, MSc. Director, Oxford Preservation Trust (has pioneered understanding of Oxford’s skyline and has experience in restoration and re-use of historic buildings; Chair of the Historic Chapels Trust).
  • Colin Lattimore, OBE, MB, BS, DA, JP. Medical doctor (outside medicine his main interest is the study of English decorative and applied art Hon. Keeper of Clocks, Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge; Chairman of the London Bookplate Society).
  • Chloë Duckworth, PhD. Lecturer in Archaeological Materials Science, Newcastle University (has wide experience in Late Antique and Islamic pyrotechnology; works on glass from the Iberian Peninsula and has done research on glass from the Sahara Desert).
  • Michael Emerson Heslop, MA. Independent scholar (has made original contributions to the study of the architecture of the military orders in the E Mediterranean and has published on the defence systems of the Byzantines and Hospitallers).
  • Mark Samuels Lasner, BA. Senior Research Fellow, University of Delaware Library (noted scholar, collector and bibliographer of the Victorian period; has organised many exhibitions, most recently on Oscar Wilde).