British Academy 'Reflections on Archaeology'

Last year the British Academy convened three seminars ‘to celebrate the significant strengths in UK archaeology, and honestly reflect on the challenges it needs to tackle if it is to continue to thrive.’ Invited participants successively discussed, ‘What archaeology is, what it does and how it tackles global challenges and global questions;’ ‘The educational landscape of archaeology across the life course’ (I spoke at that one); and ‘Speaking for the discipline.’ A steering group (a number of Fellows were members) has now produced a summary report, Reflections on Archaeology.
At the launch a panel on 29 March, representatives of several heritage organisations responded to issues raised by the report. The Society's Director, Prof Christopher Scull, FSA, presented a paper with the Society's official response.

Click here to download a PDF.

The Society's statement of values, which were agreed by Council earlier this year, guide the Society's Policy Committee in all areas.