2 Feb Ballot Results

We've elected 10 new Fellows:   

  • Michael Rhodes, BEd, PhD. Archaeologist and museum curator (has worked and published on Roman and medieval archaeology, especially in London and been responsible for the restoration of Torre Abbey, Devon, on which he has published).
  • Sian Halcrow, PhD. Senior Lecturer in Bioarchaeology, University of Otago (her research focuses on infant and child health and disease in the past, particularly in Australasia, SE Asia and N Chile).
  • Geoffrey John Tann, BA. Archaeologist (expert on the archaeology of Lincolnshire, on which he has published many reports and impact assessments).
  • Laura Basell, BA, MPhil, PhD. Lecturer in Palaeolithic Archaeology, Queen’s University Belfast (specialises in lithic analysis and landscape change; has excavated Early to Middle Stone Age sites in Kenya and Uganda and published widely).
  • George Said-Zammit, BA, MA, PhD. Director of Education, Government of Malta (has made substantial contributions to Punic, medieval and modern archaeology of Malta, including articles in international journals and two major monographs).
  • Rowan McLaughlin, BSc, PhD. Research Fellow, School of Natural and Built Environment, Queen’s University Belfast (has wide interests ranging from the Neolithic of Ireland to the Plantation of Ulster; currently working on a new synthesis of Maltese archaeology).
  • Geraldine Stout, BA, MA, PhD. Archaeologist, National Monuments Service, Dublin (has published articles and books, including on Newgrange and the Cistercian legacy in Ireland; has lectured widely).
  • Geoffrey Browell, BA, MSt, PhD. Head of Archives Services, King’s College London (pioneer in the innovative use of archives for academic and public users, including ‘Serving Soldier’; manages the Archives in London service).
  • Matthew Davies, BA, MA, DPhil. Professor of Urban History, Institute of Historical Research, University of London (expert on the history of medieval and early modern London; has published widely and has extensive experience of research, digitisation projects and postgraduate teaching).
  • Anna Wessman, MA, PhD. Lecturer in Museology, University of Helsinki (her research interests are in burial archaeology, Iron Age studies, museology and community archaeology; has published academic and popular articles).