8 Dec Ballot Results

We've elected 10 new Fellows:   

  • Hanna Louise Cobb, MA, PhD. Lecturer in Archaeology, University of Manchester (specialises in interpretive approaches to contemporary archaeological practice, and the Mesolithic and Neolithic of western Scotland and northern Irish Sea basin).
  • Jo Appleby, MA, MA, PhD. Lecturer in Archaeology, University of Leicester (specialist in European later prehistory and human osteology, particularly Bronze Age mortuary practices and ageing, on which she has published extensively).
  • Manuel Fernández Götz, PhD. Chancellor’s Fellow in Archaeology, University of Edinburgh (focuses on the study of the European Iron Age and the Roman conquest; has extensive fieldwork and publication experience).
  • Julia Farley, MA, MA, PhD. Curator, European Iron Age Collections, British Museum (leading specialist on the material culture and archaeology of Iron Age Britain and Europe, with a particular interest in precious metals; lead curator for the exhibition ‘Celts: art and identity’).
  • Fiona Robertson, MA, MPhil, DPhil. Professor of English Literature, St Mary’s University, Twickenham (literary historian and textual scholar with particular expertise in Sir Walter Scott, on whom she has published extensively, including work on his antiquarian interests).
  • Charlotte Higgins, MA. Journalist and author (chief culture writer of The Guardian, broadcaster and speaker; has published on the ancient world, including the antiquarian tradition of research on Roman Britain).
  • Duncan Wright, BA, MA, PhD. Senior Lecturer in Archaeology, Bishop Grosseteste University, Lincoln (specialises in the archaeology of medieval settlement, landscape and conflict, on which he has published widely).
  • Nicholas Vella, BA, PhD. Head of Dept of Archaeology, University of Malta (leading international specialist in Phoenician and Punic archaeology; has published numerous books and articles).
  • Cheryl Green, BA, PhD. Archaeologist (has long experience of ecclesiastical archaeology, historic buildings and worked stone; has made a significant contribution to research on the excavation archive of Glastonbury Abbey).
  • Michelle Hetherington, BA. Senior Curator, National Museum of Australia (authority on Joseph Banks and on the discovery and social history of Australia, particularly Canberra; has published widely and curated many exhibitions).