10 Nov Ballot Results

We've elected 10 new Fellows:   

  • Tony Waldron, MA, PhD, MD, DSc. Professor of Palaeopathology, University College London (has made substantial contributions to bioarchaeology, palaeopathology and palaeoepidemiology; his main interest is osteoarthritis).
  • Michael John Christian Bellamy, BA. Adviser, Historic England (adviser on the listing, scheduling and registration of historic sites, with a particular knowledge of vernacular architecture).
  • Alice Gorman, BA, PhD. Archaeologist, Flinders University, Australia (pioneer in space archaeology, including orbital debris and launch sites; also an expert in Indigenous stone tool analysis; has taught and lectured widely).
  • Sabine Gaudzinski-Windheuser, BA, MA, PhD. Professor of Archaeology, Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz (the leading archaeozoologist of Pleistocene fauna in Europe, on which she has published widely).
  • John Baker, BA, PhD. Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Name Studies, Nottingham University (place-name scholar, archaeologist and historian who has contributed significantly to the understanding of landscape and society in Anglo-Saxon England).
  • Jayne Carroll, BA, PhD. Associate Professor of English and Director, Institute for Name Studies, Nottingham University (leading expert on the use of place  names in inter-disciplinary studies of Anglo-Saxon landscape, society and culture; has also published on Old English and Old Norse poetry).
  • John Naylor, BA, PhD. National Finds Advisor for Medieval and post-Medieval Coinage, Portable Antiquities Scheme (has made significant contributions to the study of trade and economics in Anglo-Saxon England).
  • Andy Bliss, BA, QPM. Chief Constable, Hertfordshire Constabulary (National Police Chiefs’ Council lead for Heritage and Cultural Property Crime; focuses on tackling criminality in the historic environment at home and abroad; active amateur archaeologist).
  • Rebecca Maria Wragg Sykes, BA, MA, PhD. Palaeolithic archaeologist, Université de Bordeaux (researches issues of hunter-gatherer mobility in the Quaternary Period; active in fieldwork and publication and in highlighting the contribution of women to archaeology and palaeontology).
  • James Peter Wright, BA. Senior Archaeologist, Museum of London Archaeology (leading building historian, with a particular knowledge of the castle of Nottinghamshire; currently leading a building survey at Knole; has published and lectured widely; a qualified stonemason).