20 Oct Ballot Results

We've elected 10 new Fellows:   

  • Alan Williams, BSc, MSc, PhD. Consulting archaeologist (has made important contributions to discussions of population levels and climate change in prehistoric Australia; author of several major articles).
  • Marta Mirazón Lahr, BSc, MPhil, PhD. Reader in Human Evolutionary Biology, University of Cambridge (specialist in human evolution and prehistory, on which she has published widely; has worked extensively in Africa, Amazonia, India and Melanesia).
  • Maria Medlycott, MA. Historic Environment Officer, Essex County Council (has a specialist interest in Roman and medieval settlement, particularly in Essex and E England, on which she has published books and articles).
  • Manolo Guerci, DipArch, MPhil, PhD. Senior Lecturer, Kent School of Architecture (specialises in early modern European domestic architecture, particularly of Italy, France and England; is currently working on the Strand Palaces, London).
  • Victor Alexander Buchli, BA, MA, PhD. Professor of Material Culture, University College London (specialises in the connections between archaeology, history of modern architecture and anthropology and has published a number of books).
  • Nigel Jeffries, BA, MA. Archaeologist, Museum of London Archaeology (leading authority on medieval and post-medieval material culture, especially in London; is author of a wide range of publications).
  • Andrew Peacock, MA, MPhil, PhD. Reader in Middle Eastern History, University of St Andrews (his research focuses on the medieval Islamic history of the Middle East and Central Asia, Islamic manuscripts and inscriptions).
  • Matthew Champion, MA. Archaeologist and heritage consultant (has published widely on graffiti studies, ritual inscriptions and medieval wall paintings and has been involved in regional surveys across England).
  • Hartwig Fischer, BA, MA, DPhil. Director, British Museum (previously Director General of the Dresden State Art Collections; has published widely on art history).
  • Ellie Pridgeon, BA, MA, PhD, PGDipArchives. Lecturer and archivist (teaches at the University of Leicester and has worked for many UK institutions; has published and researches on medieval and post-Reformation wall painting).