25 Feb Ballot Results

We've elected 8 new Fellows:   

  • Adam Stanford. Archaeological photographer (Hon. Research Fellow, School of Archaeology, Cardiff University; specialises in aerial photography and photogrammetry and has worked on numerous excavation projects in England and Wales and on Easter Island).
  • Mark Richard Lewis Tudor Lewis, BSc, MSc, PhD. Curator, Roman Legionary Museum, Caerleon (Chairman, Glamorgan-Gwent Archaeological Trust; has published extensively on archaeological conservation and Roman archaeology).
  • Ashok Roy, BSc, MSc, PhD. Director, Collections, National Gallery (his primary interest is scientific analysis to support the conservation of paintings and solve art-historical problems; has published over 80 papers and books and curated several exhibitions).
  • Gregory Duncan Woolf, BA, PhD. Professor of Classics and Director, Institute of Classical Studies, University of London (has published extensively on the Roman world and Iron Age Europe; his current research focuses on urbanism, mobility, library culture and the role of sanctuaries in the ancient world).
  • Ellen Hambleton, BSc, PhD. Senior Lecturer in Zooarchaeology, Bournemouth University (expert in the exploitation and social significance of animals and animal products to past societies, particularly in later Prehistoric and Roman Britain).
  • Robert Hosfield, BA, MSc, PhD. Associate Professor, Dept of Archaeology,  University of Reading (leading specialist in Palaeolithic archaeology with a special interest in experimental archaeology and GIS).
  • Robert Frederick Ernest Kenyon, BA, PhD. Retired Assistant Prinicipal, St Vincent Sixth Form College, Gosport (foremost expert on the coins of Claudius, on which he has published; has made significant contributions to the history and numismatics of Roman Britain).
  • Jane Richardson, BSc, MSc, PhD. Manager of a commercial archaeology unit in West Yorkshire (an expert in the analysis and interpretation of large assemblages of animal bones from key sites in Yorkshire, on which she has published widely).