11 Feb Ballot Results

We've elected 8 new Fellows:   

  • Reuben Thorpe, BA. Archaeologist (Chair of RESCUE (British Archaeological Trust); has worked in commercial and local authority archaeology and for English Heritage and advised on projects in the Lebanon and Kosovo; has published widely on urban archaeology).
  • Mary Brooks, BA, MA, PhD. Lecturer, Dept of Archaeology, University of Durham (wide experience in textiles, conservation and museology, especially the cultural significance of museums, early modern English embroidery and the x-radiography of textiles; has published extensively).
  • Rebecca Crozier, MA, MSc, PhD. Lecturer in Archaeology, University of the Philippines (researches past mortuary practices through the analysis of human remains; her work has focused on the Neolithic of Orkney and the skeletal remains of the Philippines).
  • Therese Martin, BA, PhD. Art historian, Spanish National Research Council (authority on medieval art and architecture in Spain; has written on San Isidoro, Leon and on women’s role in medieval art and architecture).
  • Melanie Giles, BA, MA, PhD. Senior Lecturer in Archaeology, University of Manchester (leading expert in European, particularly British, late Bronze Age to late Iron Age archaeology; has researched and published extensively on landscape archaeology and social identity and curated several exhibitions).
  • Rupert Goulding, BA, MA, PhD. Curator, National Trust (responsible for NT properties in Glos, Bath and Bristol; has worked and published on Chedworth Roman villa, Dyrham Park and Scotney Old Castle).
  • Jill Hind, BSc, MSt, DPhil, CChem. Archaeologist (has made a major contribution to urban characterisation schemes, e.g. Oxford and Newbury, and to conservation plans for castles such as Dover and Kenilworth; teaches and publishes widely).
  • Simon James Morris, BA, PhD. Solicitor (expert on urban history; writes and lectures extensively on London history and has interests in British colonial and post-colonial architecture).