Update on Statutes Reform

Fellows who were able to attend an Extraordinary General Meeting (3 December 2015) to review new Statutes and changes to the Royal Charter have voted overwhelmingly in favour of adopting both new documents, with only a few minor changes from the version circulated to all Fellows in mid October this year. A number of suggested amendments were considered and voted on. At the conclusion of the meeting, the Statutes were adopted with no votes cast against, which easily met the requirement of a two-thirds majority of the Fellows voting. The same result was achieved for the proposed changes to the Charter, as well as for the confirmation of the first two Orders, covering the conduct of the Anniversary Elections and providing for Postal and Online voting.

These resolutions will now be laid before the Privy Council, who still have to give their final consent to the changes we wish to make to the Charter. It is likely that this will be done in February 2016. The formal adoption by Fellows of these documents is a major step forward in the reform of the Society’s governance, which began in 2011, and which has been helped by the “transition” grant which we were awarded by the Heritage Lottery Fund during the course of 2014–15. With this money, we have already produced a Business Plan and an Audience Development Plan. The process of Statute reform has taken longer because it has been more complex, but the decisions taken at the Extraordinary General Meeting have helped enormously towards the process of modernising the Society.

The revised Charter and Statutes are already available on the website.