15 Oct Ballot Results

We've elected 8 new Fellows:   

  • Michael Carter: Senior Properties Historian, English Heritage (has made an important contribution to the study of the late medieval monastic church, especially the Cistercian order, on which he has written and spoken widely).
  • Peter Brown: Director, York Civic Trust (has written extensively on aspects of material culture in English country house and curated numerous exhibitions; expert assessor for the export of works of art).
  • Graham Charles Gordon Thomas: Retired Senior Assistant Archivist, National Library of Wales (expert in Welsh medieval prose and editor of Welsh manuscripts; has contributed to many journals).
  • John Salvatore: Archaeologist (heritage consultant for archaeological projects, including post-excavation and publication; has specialist knowledge of archaeology in Somerset, Devon and Cornwall and in Roman military archaeology).
  • David Gregory: Research Professor, National Museum of Denmark (international expert in underwater archaeological degradation and in situ preservation; has published widely in scientific and popular publications and speaks regularly at conferences.
  • Kathleen Marie Lynch: Associate Professor of Classics, University of Cincinnati (expert in analysis of ancient Greek pottery, especially in relation to its archaeological and social context; has conducted fieldwork in Sicily, Albania and Greece; has an outstanding publication and teaching record).
  • Pierre du Prey: Professor Emeritus, Dept of Art, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario (prominent scholar of the history of architecture from the antique to the present, particularly of the classical tradition; has written extensively on Pliny the Younger, John Soane and Nicholas Hawksmoor).
  • Elizabeth Kay, Baroness Andrews: Member of the House of Lords (former Minister for Planning and Heritage Protection and Chairman of English Heritage; has made a nationally important contribution to recognising the importance of protecting England's historic heritage).