09 Apr Ballot Results

We've elected 15 new Fellows.

As honorary Fellow:

  • Brian Fagan, MA, PhD. Emeritus Professor of Anthropology, University of California,Santa Barbara (known internationally for his work on ancient climate change and human societies and for communicating archaeology and the past to general audiences).

As Ordinary Fellows:

  • David Glynne Lewis, BSc, MA, PhD. Accountant (expert on medieval conduit systems and the history and topography of Windsor and Eton).
  • Derek Hall, Cert. Practical Archaeology. Archaeologist and ceramic specialist (has been an Inspector of Ancient Monuments for Historic Scotland and has extensive research interests in Scottish medieval pottery and monastic granges).
  • Clive Waddington, BA, MA, PhD. Archaeologist (specialist in the Mesolithic and Neolithic periods, particularly rock art and geoarchaeology, who has worked on many projects of national importance and has published widely).
  • Amara Alexandra Heywood Thornton, BA, MA, PhD. British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow (has extensive experience of archaeologists’ archives, particularly relating to Egypt, Palestine and Israel and the history of heritage tourism).
  • William Derek Hamilton, BA, BA, MA, PhD. Archaeologist (leading expert in radiocarbon dating in Britain, particularly relating to prehistoric settlement archaeology; currently working on the Iron Age settlement round Danebury, Hants).
  • Eszter Banffy, MA, BA, PhD, DSc, Dr habil. Director, Römisch-Germanische Kommission des Deutschen Archäologischen Instituts, Frankfurt (specialist in the Neolithic and Bronze Ages, on which she has published widely).
  • Mark Collins, BA, PhD. Estates archivist and historian, Parliamentary Estates Directorate (advises on the presentation and rituals of the Palace of Westminster; expert on the 19th-century Gothic revival).
  • Malcolm Mercer, BSc, PhD. Curator of Tower History and Special Collections, Tower of London (has extensive experience of medieval and early modern records and has published widely on medieval military history, armour and central government records).
  • Adrian M. Chadwick, BA, MA, PhD. Research Associate, University of Leicester (his research interests include landscape archaeology and later prehistoric and Roman Britain; currently working on hoarding in Iron Age and Roman Britain).
  • Stuart James Alexander Laidlaw, BSc. Lecturer, Institute of Archaeology, UCL (his research interests range from the use of reflectance transformation imaging to the ivories from Nimrud; has dug in Crete and at Lepcis Magna.)
  • Jacqueline Watson, DipArchaeolConserv. Consultant archaeological conservator (specialist in analysis of traces on metalwork and conservation of waterlogged wooden artefacts such as the Dover Bronze Age Boat; author of 200 reports for English Heritage).
  • Veronica Fiorato, BA, MA. Team Leader (South), English Heritage (specialist in military archaeology, especially battlefields and 20th-century military remains; has published on the Battle of Towton).
  • Susanna Avery-Quash, MA, PhD. Senior Research Curator, National Gallery (responsible for developing and promoting the Gallery’s research strategy nationally and internationally; has published widely on art and collecting history).
  • Kate Welham, BSc, MSc, PhD. Associate Professor of Archaeological Science, Bournemouth University (specialises in the application of remote sensing techniques and also in glass production in N Europe; has directed numerous archaeological surveys on prehistoric and historic landscapes, including Stonehenge, Easter Island and Tanzania).