13 Nov Ballot Results

We've elected 10 new Fellows:

  1. Christina Unwin, BA. Archaeological illustrator and designer (her work includes reconstruction drawings for publications and designs for archaeological exhibitions, books and journals; co-author of a book on Boudica).
  2. Christine Ann Hastorf, BA, MA, PhD. Professor of Anthropology, University of California–Berkeley (internationally respected specialist in paleoethnobotany and the archaeology of food; her main fieldwork has been in S America).
  3. Ian Morris, BA, PhD. Willard Professor of Classics, Stanford University (classical archaeologist with an interest in the ancient Mediterranean and its place in world history; has directed excavations in Sicily and Greece).
  4. Christopher Constable, BA, MA, PhD. Senior Archaeological Officer, London Borough of Southwark (lectures regularly on the area’s heritage; has a specialist interest in medieval and post-medieval buildings).
  5. Margaret Ann Twycross, MA, BLitt. Professor Emerita of English Medieval Studies, Lancaster University (leading expert in medieval and early Renaissance theatre and pageantry; has pioneered the recreation of medieval performance style and used digital imaging for manuscript research).
  6. Cynthia Robin, BA, PhD. Professor of Anthropology, Northwestern University, IL (authority on Mayan archaeology and noted for her project at Chan, Belize; has published three books and many articles).
  7. Neil Guthrie, BA, DPhil, LLB. Lawyer (has published a broad range of publications on British 18th-century history, especially that of the Jacobites and their material culture).
  8. Adam David Ford, BA. Archaeologist (has made a significant contribution to archaeology, especially in Australia in both local government and the private sector, and has broadcast on local history; has published extensively).
  9. Glyn Davies, MA, PhD. Curator, V&A (has made a significant contribution to medieval and renaissance studies through curating, lecturing and publishing; has a special interest in ivory carvings and metalwork).
  10. Vanessa Jane King, BA. Lecturer and tutor, University of London (specialises in medieval history, particularly the Norman Conquest; has published on the early bishopric of Winchester and 10th- and 11th-century prosopography).