23 Oct Ballot Results

We've elected 10 new Fellows:

  1. Jess Tipper, MA, PhD. County Archaeologist for Suffolk (has wide experience in excavation and field survey and has published on aspects of Anglo-Saxon archaeology, particularly pit-houses, and E African archaeology).
  2. Alan Wilkins, MA. Retired Classics teacher (has been assistant director on excavations on Roman military and civilian sites; specialist on Greek and Roman artillery on which he has published major articles).
  3. Stephen Laird, MA, MSt, MTh, MPhil, PhD. Lecturer, teacher and parish priest (expert on aspects of 19th- and 20th-century British painting and print-making, with a particular interest in John Piper).
  4. Norman R Weiss, BSc. Preservation scientist (international expert in the deterioration, cleaning and repair of historic building materials, with recent work on the US Capitol, Washington and at Angkor Wat; professor at the Graduate School of Architecture, Columbia University).
  5. Jeremy James Milln, BSc. Archaeologist (has wide experience in field and fabric survey with the National Trust, to whose publications he is a regular contributor; has particular interests in kitchen gardens and early glasshouses).
  6. Bruce Boucher, MA, MA, PhD. Director, Art Museum, University of Virginia (leading authority on Renaissance art and architecture; has published and organised exhibitions, most notably on Palladio and Baroque sculpture).
  7. David Andrew Petts, BA, MA, PhD. Lecturer in Archaeology, University of Durham (has research interests in the social archaeology of the 1st millennium AD, in particular the development of Christianity, on which he has published books and papers).
  8. Christine Diane Cox, BA, MA. Aerial archaeologist (has worked worldwide as an air photo interpreter and archaeologist and provided training and mentoring to archaeologists at all levels).
  9. Suzanne Elisabeth Thomas, BA, MA, PhD. Archaeologist (expert on archaeology and metal detecting, with interests in illicit trade in antiquities, museum ethics and education and community archaeology).
  10. Mark Stocker, BA, MA, PhD. Associate Professor of Art History, Otago University (specialises in 19th- and early–mid 20th-century art, especially sculpture, New Zealand art and numismatics, on which he has published widely).