8 May Ballot Results

We've elected 10 new Fellows:

  1. Zoe Opacic, BA, MA, PhD. Senior Lecturer/ Dept of History of Art, Birkbeck. College/ London (internationally recognised expert on medieval architecture/ especially central Europe; author of numerous publications).
  2. Janet Nelson, DBE, FBA, HonDLitt. Professor Emerita of Medieval History, King/s College London (leading historian of medieval Europe/ known for her writing on Charlemagne, |<ingshipl government and political ideas; co-director ofthe Prosopography of Anglo-Saxon England).
  3. Elizabeth Glithero-West, BA, MA. Head of Cultural Tourism/ Dept of Culture/ Media and Sport (her work has focused 0n policy and strategy in heritage/ planning and museums; her research interest is in Egyptian Revival
    architecture in England).
  4. Rosa Maria Bacile, BA, MA,  Archivist and art historian (formerly Acquisitions Manager, Tate Gallery; specialist in Norman Sicily, particularly the porphyry tombs of Norman kings).
  5. John Robert Hall BA, DD, DTheol. Dean of Westminster (currently leading the project to open the Abbey’s triforium as a major new museum; has facilitated much research, conservation and publication at the Abbey).
  6. Jane Perry, BA. Visiting scholarl  (foremost specialist in traditional and regional jewellery from Europe and beyond, on which she has published pioneering work).
  7. Caroline Astrid Bruzelius, PhD. Professor of Art, Art History and Visual Studies, Duke University, N Carolina (expert in Gothic architecture in France and Italy, on which she has taught and written widely).
  8. Alastair John Lacy Blanshard, BA, MA, PhD. Professor of Classics, University of Queensland (expert on Greek culture and the classical tradition; has written particularly on Hercules and on 18th-century travellers to Greece).
  9. Benjamin Roberts, BSc, MPhil, PhD. Lecturer, Dept of Archaeology, Durham University (specialises in the early metallurgy of W Europe; co-writer of many programmes in the ISM/BBC series A History ofthe World in 700 Objects).
  10. Susanne Hakenbeck, PhD. Lecturer, Dept of Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Cambridge (her research focuses on the social transformations following the collapse of the Roman empire).