15 May Ballot Results

We've elected 8 new Fellows:

  1. Christopher Henry Gibbs. Art dealer (Chairman of the] Paul Getty Charitable Trust; member ofthe National Trust Arts Panel).
  2. Debra Noel Adams, PhD. Art historian and curator (has published extensively on early medieval garnet jewellery and archaeology and on early modern material culture; has curated recent major exhibitions in New York and Paris).
  3. Joanna Caruth, BA. Project Manager, Suffolk County Council Archaeological Service (has long experience as a field archaeologist and has excavated and published on significant sites in Suffolk; is committed to community archaeology).
  4. Andrew Stephen Robertshaw, BA, MA, PGCE. Curator, Royal Logistic Corps Museum (has an international reputation as a military historian and consultant for military archaeology projects, particularly the Western Front and WWII).
  5. Thomas Hufschmid, MA, PhD. Archaeologist for the Rornan monuments of Avenches, Switzerland (leading scholar of the Roman theatre and amphitheatre, on which he has published a major scholarly study).
  6. Thomas Oliver Addyman, MA. Buildings archaeologist and consultant (has worked in Britain, Ireland, India and America and has led building and landscape archaeology studies of numerous Scottish castles and houses, on which he has published).
  7. Timothy Peter Connor, MA, PhD. Architectural historian and retired history teacher (his research has focused on English Palladianism and on the churches of Dorset and the SVV, on which he has published widely).
  8. Jane F Kershaw, MA, PhD. British Academy Post-doctoral Research Fellow (has worked and published on Anglo-Saxon and Viking jewellery and metalwork; is currently working on the bullion economy of Viking England).