Library Image Services

Suspension of Image Services

Due to library staff vacancies, our Image Services are suspended for 3 months until there is a full complement of staff. From 10 April 2019, we are not accepting requests for images and licences from the Library and Museum collections. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. This does not affect the photocopying services.

The Society holds an image library of material from across its Library and Museum Collections. Digital images can be provided for commercial, charitable and non-commercial use, subject to a licensing agreement. Terms and conditions of image supply and licensing can be found in our Image Policy. Please allow up to 30 working days from the date of your form submission for the completion of your order.

The Society can provide a non-exclusive license (and digital images if required) covering the reproduction of Society copyright content and Society-owned copyright-expired works for the following purposes, without charge:

  • For non-commercial research or private study.
  • For use in a classroom, school, college or university for teaching purposes.
  • For reproduction in a dissertation or thesis submitted by a student attending a recognised or listed educational establishment or organisation. An electronic version of the dissertation or thesis may be stored online on the understanding that online availability incurs no financial costs to the end user.
  • A presentation or lecture for which the speaker is not receiving a fee.
  • For academic publications for which there is no remuneration for the author and where the print run is 1000 or less.

Charges may apply for provision of digital images and/or image licensing for commercial purposes. ‘Commercial purposes’ are defined by the Society as:

  • Reproducing a work in any manner that is primarily intended for, or directed toward, commercial advantage or monetary compensation (Creative Commons).
  • Use of an image on or in anything that is charged for, on or in anything connected with an activity, process or event that is charged for, or on or in anything intended to make a profit or to cover costs.

Enquiries concerning digital images and licenses can be made by completing an Image Request Form and submitting it by email to: Alternatively, Image Request Forms can be printed, completed and sent in hard copy to:

Image Services
Society of Antiquaries of London
Burlington House, Piccadilly, London W1J 0BE

The Society can also commission photography on behalf of customers if the Society either (a) cannot provide a digital image of suitable quality, or (b) does not already have a digital image of the object(s) on file. In this instance, enquirers will be expected to meet the photography charges, and the Society will retain copyright of the image and supply under license.

Photography will be taken on the last Thursday of the month.

For more information regarding commissioning photography, please email:

Learn more about Museum Image Services

Download Image Policy > Download Image Request Form >

Self-Service Photography

The use of compact cameras, smartphones and tablets to photograph some collection items is permitted in the Library. Photographs may be used for personal research only and cannot be reused without express permission of the Society. Copyright and data protection laws are still applicable.
Permission must first be sought from library or museum staff prior to any photographs being taken. Some material may be excluded from self-service photography at the discretion of the librarians.

For further information on self-service photography, see section 4 of the Image Policy.


The Library offers a photocopying service, undertaken by staff. Photocopying is subject to the physical condition of the book or journal and to copyright law.


A summary of charges is included in the table below, and more detailed information is available in our Photocopy Information Guide (a Microsoft Word document).


Document Size Photocopy Charge
 A4  20p per page
 A3  40p per page


When photocopies need to be posted, we will apply the following administration fees (in addition to the above photocopy charges):


Number of Pages
Postage  Fees
 1-20 pages  £1.00
20-50 pages  £2.00
 51 pages or more  £5.00


Unless otherwise directed, photocopies will be posted 2nd class. An additional fee of £1.00 will be charged for 1st class postage.

All charges include VAT.

Submit a Request

Requests for photocopies can be made by completing the Photocopy Request Form (a Microsoft Word document) and emailing it to

Alternatively, you can download the form, print it and post it in hard copy to:

Photocopying Services
The Library
Society of Antiquaries of London
Burlington House, Piccadilly, London W1J 0BE

If you have an inquiry regarding photocopies, please email


Download Information Guide > Download Request Form >