Engaging and Supporting the Village Community

Continuing and Improving Support Programmes

The Society donates a percentage of the ticket purchase of each visitor to support the Morris Memorial Hall, totalling approximately £2,000 per annum (more than £8,000 for the past four years). Increasing ticket sales will increase the Society's annual contribution to the village. 

We also supported the Villager’s bid for grant money to restore the Memorial Hall roof via a formal letter of support and publicising events through our social media.

Supporting the village & local businesses:

The Society refers visitors to the Manor Farm B&B and The Plough for accommodation and food, uses Kelmscott Country Pork in its tearoom and promotes local events and programmes (such as the Kelmscott Christmas Craft Fair). Increasing visitors will increase the economic impact of these initiatives.

Village residents enjoy a complimentary 'Friends' annual membership (free entry to the Manor on general open days, on-site discounts, free or exclusive membership events, and an occasional membership newsletter).
The Manor provides prizes for local causes and charities, and assists with care of village spaces, such as the Morris Memorial Hall car park and paths in the churchyard.

You can read more about St George's Church, Kelmscott, where William Morris is buried, through their website, which states that ‘St. George’s relies heavily on the donations received from the visitors to the Manor’. We also print, at no charge, the Church guide for visitors as an income generation for the church.

The Society endeavours to be a good neighbour and work with the village to improve the community (such as passing on to residents security alerts or helping to advocate for local improvements like the Environment Agency's dredging of the Radcot Cut).


Estimated value of increased visitors is an extra £561,000 in tourism revenue* for local communities in Kelmscott, Lechlade and surrounding area.

*Based on the Association of Independent Museums Economic Impact Toolkit, 2014.