About Kelmscott Village

When visiting Kelmscott Manor, the pedestrian route from the car park to the house allows you to enjoy the peaceful village of Kelmscott and see buildings which have Morris family connections.

Kelmscott is a remote rural village in a tranquil corner of West Oxfordshire. It is situated 2.5 miles east of Lechlade and is a five-minute walk from the River Thames. The village is built around two working farms and consists of 36 houses with fewer than 100 residents.

Morris _GraveAlthough the village does not boast any shops or a public transportation system, down the lane from Kelmscott Manor is a seventeenth-century public house called ‘The Plough’.

A little further away is St George’s Church, a twelfth-century church with paintings inside dating from the thirteenth century. William Morris is buried next to the church, beneath a commemorative headstone designed by his friend Philip Webb.

Also at the heart of the village is the Morris Memorial Hall. The Hall was designed by Ernest Gimson and opened in 1934, after May Morris organised a large-scale development campaign to raise the funds, and the inaugural address was given by George Bernard Shaw, who was romantically involved with May at one time.

Visit the Kelmscott Village website for more information about the local area.