About the Thames Path

Kelmscott Manor lies on the banks of the River Thames, which provided useful access for Morris and his family who travelled by river between the Manor and Kelmscott House in Hammersmith, named after the Manor. Morris loved fishing and often spent hours on the banks of the river or in his boat. The Thames Path is just 200 meters from the main entrance to the Manor (turn right as you leave the Manor and follow the path).

Enjoy a stroll to the Manor from Lechlade via the Thames Path is 3 miles. The Manor owns the mooring site nearest the Manor. Boats are welcome to moor free for up to 48 hours.

See The National Trail Thames Path website for more information.

Don’t Miss the WWII Pillbox

Discover a WWII relic on the path to the river just minutes from the Manor. Constructed as part of Britain’s 1940 defence strategy, the Pillbox was an important element of using the Thames as a ‘stop-line’ in the event of an invasion.