Visitors are welcome to take photographs during their visit; however, please adhere to the following:

Do not use flash photography, protruding lenses and tripods, "selfie sticks" or other extension equipment.

Do not cause inconvenience to other visitors or behave in a way that puts any objects on display at risk while taking photographs.

Do not take photos of any objects forming part of temporary or special exhibitions where signage clearly specifices a "no photography" policy.

Do not photograph merchandise in the shop for commercial purposes or interests.

For security reasons, do not video or film without express prior permission.

Visitors are welcome to upload photos of objects on display that they have taken for their personal, non-commercial use to their personal Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts (please tag our Facebook page, @KelmscottManor Twitter account or Instagram account), and on Flickr with appropriate attribution to the Society of Antiquaries of London so that it is clear the objects from which the photos have been taken form part of the Society's collections.

Any private photography that requires use of additional equipment such as special lighting or a tripod is only permitted on formal application and by prior arrangement with the Property Manager or Society of Antiquaries of London. You must apply at least 10 working days in advance providing details of what you want to photograph and why. The Society reserves the right to decline any application. Private photography may not be accommodated at Kelmscott Manor during public opening.