Margaret and Tom Jones Award

These grants are awarded to support archaeological fieldwork and research.

In 1965, Margaret and Tom Jones conducted a 14-year campaign of excavations at what was then one of the largest excavation sites in Europe, the 18-hectare gravel site at Mucking in Essex, which included important remains from the Neolithic to the Medieval period. This fund was set up from a bequest left by Margaret Jones, FSA.

Usual amount of award

Up to £10,500.


15 January annually.


These awards may be used to support fieldwork and research. First priority will be given to applications related to excavations at Mucking, Essex, 1965-78. Otherwise applications pertaining to the following research themes will be considered for funding:

  • British landscape archaeology of the periods covered in the Mucking excavation (i.e., Neolithic to post-Medieval)
  • Projects relating to the methodology for the field investigation, excavation or analysis of large sites or landscapes.

Anyone previously employed on the Mucking Archives is not eligible to apply.

Application Requirements

  • The Research Committee will put weight on the reasons for the application, its viability (practical and financial).
  • Consent must be obtained from the owner(s)/custodian(s) of any item(s) to be examined.
  • Successful applicants will be expected to submit (electronically) a report, between 500-5,000 words depending on the scope of the project, showing the results of their research along with a separate financial statement for their research accounting in general terms for the costs involved.  In the case of a larger award leading, for example, to a publication, interim reports will be necessary.  This report will be due on 28 February of the year following the award (e.g., if the grant is awarded in March 2015, the report is due on 28 February 2016). No further grant will be made to recipients who fail to comply with this requirement.
  • Small interim reports and photographs may also be requested by the Society of Antiquaries of London for dissemination through its newsletter, Fellowship News; its e-newsletter, SALON; annual report or website.
  • Projects should not start before 1 April in the year of application.
  • Grants should be taken up by 31 December of the year in which they are awarded.

Apply for the Margaret and Tom Jones Award

  • Please read the eligibility criteria and application requirements above.
  • Please read about the 'Grant Application Process' before beginning your application.
  • Download the Margaret and Tom Jones Award application form; you will be required to upload this form when you submit your application. Your application must be submitted using this form and must not exceed four (4) A4 pages. Your application will be considered solely on the basis of the information you provide on your application form. Before submitting your application, remember to rename your application document so that it begins with your surname (ex: 'Surname_Jones_application.doc'). Remember to also rename any additional documents to do the same (ex: 'Surname_photo1.jpg').
  • Two (2) references are required. Be sure to speak with your referees before submitting your application (in submitting your application online, you will trigger an automated email to your referees from our website). You will want to alert them of the application deadline and the information that will be necessary for completing the reference forms (see the 'Grant Application Process' webpage).
  • Apply for a the Margaret and Tom Jones Award online. All applications must be submitted using this online application tool.

Past Grant Awards

The Margaret and Tom Jones Fund grant awards are competitive, and we are not always able to award grants to all applicants. Examples of projects that have received awards are available on 'Recent Awards'.