William and Jane Morris Fund (Church Conservation Grants)

The Morris Fund was formed in 1939 following a bequest to the Society from May Morris, the younger daughter of William and Jane Morris. May Morris required that grants should be made only to work that is carried out according to the principles of the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB), which was founded by her father.

Grants are awarded to churches, chapels and other places of worship in the United Kingdom for the conservation of decorative features and monuments, but not structural repairs.

Applications are considered by the Society's Morris Committee, which is composed of Officers of the Society and Fellows with relevant expertise [insert link to Morris Committee list]. The Committee meets twice a year.

Deadlines for receipt of applications are:

  • 31 March (applicants notified by 31 May)
  • 31 August (applicants notified by 30 November)

Level of award



The Society welcomes applications in accordance with the following criteria:

  • Smaller programmes of work concerned with the conservation of decorative or non-structural features, for example
    • stained glass windows
    • sculpture
    • furniture
    • internal monuments and tombs
    • wall paintings
  • The decorative feature, monument, etc must be dated before 1896 (the date of William Morris’s death). Applications for features dated after 1896, even if they are in churches dated before 1896, are not eligible.
  • A professional architect or established conservator must be engaged to direct the work.
  • Grant-aided work must be completed within one year of receipt of the grant
  • Completion of the work must be certified by an appropriate professional.

The following are not eligible:

  • Major structural repairs and fabric maintenance
  • Alteration or decoration of buildings
  • Electrical rewiring and the repair or installation of central heating systems
  • Bells or organs
  • Works already completed (i.e. grants are not made retrospectively)
  • Anything created after 1896

Apply for a Morris Fund Grant

  • Please read the eligibility criteria above.
  • Please read about the 'Grant Application Process' before beginning your application.
  • Keep in mind that there are two deadlines each year, 31 March and 31 August.
  • Download the Morris Fund application form; you will be required to upload the completed form when you submit your application, along with the necessary supporting documentation and/or photographs. Before submitting your application, remember to rename your application document so that it begins with the relevant church/monument name (ex: 'St_Marys_Morris_Conservation_application.doc'). Remember to also rename any additional documents to do the same (ex: 'St_Marys_photo1.jpg').
  • Apply for the Morris Fund Grant Online. All applications must be submitted using this online application tool.

Past Grant Awards

The Morris Fund grant programme is competitive, and we are not always able to award grants to all applicants.

Download the list of 2013-14 recipients.

Additional Information

Potential applicants might also like to look at other sources of funding: the Church Buildings Council, the National Churches Trust (which has links to county historic churches trusts) and the Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme.

Download an informational flyer for the Society's Morris Fund church conservation grant programme.